Rethinking Wargames is a participative net art project instigated by Ruth Catlow of which calls for 'pawns to join forces to defend world peace'. It uses the game of chess to find strategies that challenge existing power structures and their concomitant war machineries.

The website documents and illustrates the technical responses of chess pundits alongside more philosophical and political replies from amateur players. It illustrates alternative games with rules suggested by participants as well as documenting the creation of the online multiplayer game, Activate:3 Player Chess, commissioned by , developed by Ruth with programmer Adrian Eaton.

In the newly created 3 Player Chess, pawns (played by a 3rd player) preserve peace by stopping any pieces from being captured. If the pawns succeed in blocking the aggression of the higher pieces, the checkerboard is progressively overgrown with grass and the black and white checks of the battleground disappear in the undergrowth. Click the button to play>>>

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